Coppola Enterprises Offsite Backup Solutions

Coppola Enterprises now offers Backup solutions to fit any size business and budget. In the event of a local disaster/hardware failure your vital information will be backed up safely and securely at an offsite location. We have researched many different solutions and have finally come up with a service that we are excited to offer our clients. Monthly fees vary depending on the amount of data backed up. This is a cost effective and efficient way to easily access lost/damaged files and protect against the worst case scenario.


•  Seamless backup solution run directly by Coppola Enterprises helps eliminate manual backup steps

•  In the event of a disaster or data loss, Coppola Enterprises will aid in the recovery at no additional fee

•  Server hosted offsite to protect against local hardware failures and aid in disaster recovery

•  Eliminate using out-dated methods to back up your servers. Eliminate costs and maintenance of hardware (tapes), software, and storage media by backing files up remotely through Coppola Enterprises

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