Welcome to Coppola Enterprises, Inc.

A robust network is the core and backbone of an effective and reliable IT infrastructure. A dynamic network provides the ability for your IT infrastructure to grow and expand without system failures. We offer the following network services to strengthen your IT infrastructure and support your business operations:

Network Design

We possess the expertise to design a new network or redesign an existing network. We tailor our approach to the needs of our clients and the strategic direction of their business operations. With our clients' best interests in mind, we apply our expertise to design the most effective network that will support our clients' needs and withstand future growth and capacity.

Network Installation and Support

Once your network is designed, we work closely with you to ensure a seamless installation of your new network. Our technicians are thorough and will verify all components of the network are running smoothly and efficiently. Ongoing support is always provided by our skilled technicians to ensure any problems are resolved quickly, without disruption to your business operations.

Network Security

New viruses, trojans, and security holes occur daily which can seriously effect your network's performance. We ensure our network installations are installed with all updated antivirus, patches, and safeguards to secure your new network.

Preventative Maintenance

A proactive approach to ensuring your network is properly secure and operating at peak performance will greatly reduce the potential for major problems that can cause extended downtime and lost revenue for your business. A preventive maintenance program will identify and eliminate problems before they occur

Remote Monitoring

Your IT infrastructure is the backbone of your business and keeping a close eye on it is key to a stable network. Our remote monitoring software keeps a careful watch over the entire network alerting us when activy is out of the ordinary.