Welcome to Coppola Enterprises, Inc.

In today's organizations, servers play a vital role in supporting business operations. When servers are slow, down, or unreliable, it causes business inefficiencies and lost revenue. Our technicians support a wide variety of server operating systems, as well as specific applications that run on servers. They include:

  • Microsoft Windows Support Editions (Small Business Server, Standard, Enterprise)
  • Server Support of (Exchange, SQL, IIS, ISA, etc.)
  • Linux and Unix (Red Hat Enterprise, Fedora, Tru64, etc.)

Systems Integration

Coppola Enterprises, Inc understands managers' frustrations with continually changing technology and the challenges of depending on IT systems to manage business operations. Our IT consultants are proficient at identifying and integrating the correct systems and technologies (including computers, networks, databases, software, proper training, etc.)to dramatically improve the effectiveness and efficiencyof your business.

Preventative Maintenance

A proactive approach to server maintenance greatly reducs the likelihood of system failures and enables your server to perform effectively. Our maintenance programs are tailored to our client's IT infrastructure and business operations to best serve our client's needs.

Remote Monitoring

Your IT infrastructure is the backbone of your business and keeping a close eye on it is key to a stable network. Our remote monitoring software keeps a careful watch over the entire network alerting us when activy is out of the ordinary.