Welcome to Coppola Enterprises, Inc.

Coppola Enterprises, Inc. is committed to offering training and development activities at all organizational levels within business, government and education. We apply proven management thoeries and practices to help organizations operate more effectively and efficiently.

We customize our training to your unique business environment and focus employees' learning to the specific needs of your organization. With over 20 years experience providing employee development services, we've discovered that low levels of performance experienced by organizations is likely caused not by lack of employee knowledge, but from failure to translate employee knowledge into actions that create desired results (i.e. collaboration and teamwork).

Our customized training programs first establish a foundation of knowledgeby asessing performance deficiencies. Next, we focus on the skill sets of the attendees, via interactive and intensive participation. We teach and encourage participants to apply their skills sets to their job responsibilities while emphasizing consistency; do our actions align with our verbiage and intentions?

CE's consultants have vast experience in the following areas of training and development:

  • Cultural Transition / Philosophy
  • Leadership Development
  • Middle Management Development
  • Teamwork/Collaboration Enhancement
  • Leadership Coaching (all levels of management)
  • Lean Techniques/Concepts
    • 5s
    • Value Steam Mapping
  • Quality Improvement Tools
    • Statistical Process Control
    • Statistical Tools
    • Total Quality Techniques
    • Problem Solving (Fishbone, Root Cause Analysis, Pareto Analysis)