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In order to obtain a successful future it is necessary to assess the current state of an organization. Any journey must have a defined starting point as a reference to measure and monitor progress while adjusting to any expected or unforeseen obstacles. Organizational assessments identify and answer where your company is now, what does your company hope to achieve and when, what opportunities are available to your organization, and what will be the return on your investment?

Our organizational assessments are comprehensive and thorough, analyzing all systems and processes within your organizational structure. Our analysis typically includes the following components:

  • Organizational Strategy/Measurement System
  • Operating System
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Internal Culture
  • Quoting
  • Design/Engineering
  • Order Entry
  • Scheduling and Planning
  • Manufacturing/Operations
  • Quality

Common organizational constraints include:

  • Increase gross margins
  • Improvement planning/initiation of a quality planning system
  • Increase effectiveness/productivity of manufacturing process
  • Streamline administrative systems
  • Decrease internal costs
  • Develop a multi-skilled workforce
  • How do we get people to change bad habits
  • Improve speed to market and reduce delays and problems.
  • Improve customer management
  • Strategic planning design and implementation
  • Effective training and tools for employees success

Organizational assessment steps:

  • Step I - Organization's management team meet with consultants to establish goals/objectives and expectations of this comprehensive evaluation. Identification of "significant issues."
  • Step II - Data and information gathering including process mapping, value stream mapping, extensive interviews with selected employees to include senior management, and report generation from operating system(s).
  • Step III - Provide a comprehensive report on our findings including opportunities and recommendations with supporting evidence. If appropriate information and data is available within the organization's management system, we will also provide a Return on Investment analysis for our recommendations. This report is presented in hardcopy to the management team on-site with appropriate discussion.
  • Step IV - Recommendations for Next Steps - Prioritized for the organization to gain the most benefits as quickly as possible but yet also have a system in place for continuous implementation.