Welcome to Coppola Enterprises, Inc.

Using Lean Manufacturing Techniques and unique applications of Statistical Process Control to increase profits.

  • Rubberlite and Coppola Enterprises embarked on a mission to develop and implement a program of reducing product variation for increased customer satisfaction, increased material yield and reduction in raw material waste.

Using remote connectivity and Smartphone technology to enhance employee efficiency.

  • Insurance Agent out of the office 80% of time spending countless hours calling the office and making a late night trips to the office to send emails or gather client files.

Changing a company forever.

  • "In our work with Coppola Enterprises, Inc., Huntington Steel has made significant and continued gains in profitability, improvement in the internal culture, significant increases in wages and bonuses for all of our people, and as important, higher customer satisfaction through on time deliveries and increased quality."
    -- Mike Emerson, President