Welcome to Coppola Enterprises, Inc.

Changing a company forever.

I was introduced to the President of Coppola Enterprises, Inc. in early 2003. Mr. Frank Coppola had done significant amounts of work for Rubberlite (another Huntington, WV Company) since 1993. I had numerous meetings with Frank over the next six month period. These meetings were not sales oriented but centered on what I desired for my people and my company. In this process Frank and I became more than business associates; we learned about each other, our character and our dreams; building a trusting relationship that would allow us to work together.

We started on our journey with Coppola Enterprises, Inc. in October 2003; we had a one day meeting that Frank facilitated and we made one of the most important decisions of our corporate life; the decision dealt with our market and the associated products and services for our future benefit.

Subsequently, in February 2004 Coppola Enterprises, Inc. brought a team of people to evaluate us from a Lean Manufacturing perspective. The output of this evaluation was a written report outlining key strengths, key opportunities and recommendations. We engaged Coppola Enterprises to help us implement some of the recommendations.

We embarked on heavy training activities for our managers while implementing 5S program in our plant and offices. We reorganized our company and in doing so evaluated the skill sets of each of our key people so that we could use their strengths in becoming more successful. We created a dynamic strategic plan for our company; this plan is reviewed periodically and still drives our activities and our road to a desirable future.

In our work together, Huntington Steel has made significant and continued gains in profitability improvement in the internal culture, significant increases in wages and bonuses for all of our people, and as important, higher customer satisfaction through on time deliveries and increased quality.

Our thanks to Coppola Enterprises, Inc. I would urge anyone with questions to contact me.

Mike Emerson
Huntington Steel and Supply Co., President