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Using remote connectivity and Smartphone technology to enhance employee efficiency.

Dan Severo, V.P. of the DJB Group (an Insurance Agency), spends extensive time away from the office. Dan had become frustrated by wasting countless hours calling DJB office employees to look up files; he had also been taking after hours trips to the office to review electronic files.

Dan's responsibilities include visiting client sites to review paper work, to review a claim or for other service reasons. The communication between him and the offices became time consuming and cumbersome. His feelings of inefficiency and frustration had grown significantly. Additionally, he at times would find that he had forgotten the documents that he needed for the client visit.

Coppola Enterprises, Inc. embarked on a full IT assessment for the DJB Group and followed with recommendations. We help deploy the recommendations and DJB Group now has the capability to electronically connect to their office from anywhere in the world and review files, receive emails right to there Smartphone, remotely create appointments, tasks, notes, and emails on their phone and have it sync back to their workstation at the office, and their webmail. "The time that is saved everyday is a blessing in itself."